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Easily Convert Text Case to Title Case, Sentence Case, and More

Don’t you hate accidentally typing in all caps and having to start over? We got you covered! Use our free Convert Case tool to easily convert your text to title case, sentence case, lowercase, and more.

Learn to lowercase all caps with ease using our online case converter tool! Accidentally typed in all caps? Need to switch from uppercase to lowercase? No problem! Our tool has got you covered.

It's simple to use. Just paste your text into the box, choose "lowercase," and hit "Convert." Voilà! Your text is now in lowercase.

And that's not all! Our tool offers various case conversions – uppercase, sentence case, camel case, capitalize each word, and title case. You can even change the case of individual words or phrases.

Best part? It's free and super user-friendly! Give it a shot today!

Wondering what CamelCase is? CamelCase involves capitalizing the initial letter of each word in a phrase without adding spaces, and it's frequently seen in web addresses, coding practices, and computer-related naming standards. For example: YouTube, iPhone.

Examples of different cases:

  1. Lower Case: hello there!
  3. Capitalize Case: Hello There!
  4. Title Case: Hello There!
  5. Sentence Case: Hello there!
  6. Camel Case: helloThere

Benefits of our online case converter:

  • Quick and easy
  • Completely free
  • Supports multiple case conversions

So, if you're tired of all caps or want to try different cases, give our online case converter a spin. It's the ultimate solution!

Pro tips:

  • Copy and paste text from anywhere, like docs, websites, or emails.
  • Click on the type of text case and the text will show up below.
  • You can switch between different text type cases by clicking the buttons.
  • In addition, we've included a handy "Copy to Clipboard" option to make things even easier for you.
  • Clear the box with a single click using the "Clear" button. Happy converting!