CSS Minifier – Compress and Beautify Your CSS Code

CSS Minifier + Beautify

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Ready to tweak and beautify your CSS code? Our online CSS Minifier tool isn't just for minifying CSS files; it's a comprehensive CSS formatter, a style guru for your code, allowing for the compressing and beautifying of your CSS files.

With the power of CSS minification, your web pages will load faster, optimizing load times and enhancing the user experience. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned coder, this CSS minify tool, featuring line numbers and syntax highlighting, is designed to make your coding experience a breeze, reducing file size and the overall size of your CSS.

Choose your preferred CSS style readability level from 'Standard,' 'Balanced,' or 'Best.' Want to keep your comments within the minified file? No problem! Just tick the "Preserve comments" checkbox, and they'll stay intact. It's all about providing options to tailor the beautify format to your needs.

Our tool goes beyond online CSS minification. With a single click, the minified or beautified CSS codes can be copied to your clipboard. It's all about enhancing the user experience and simplifying your workflow.

How to Use the CSS Minifier Tool:

  • Copy & Paste: Copy the desired CSS code and paste it into the designated textarea labeled "Paste your CSS code here..."
  • Choose Readability: From the provided options ('Standard,' 'Balanced,' or 'Best'), select the desired readability level for your CSS minification.
  • Preserve Comments (Optional): If retaining comments within the minified code is desired, ensure that the "Preserve comments" checkbox is marked.
  • Minify: To compress and enhance the readability of the CSS code, click the "Minify" button.


How can I choose the readability level for the minified CSS?

Sure thing! Select your preferred readability level, and then hit the "Minify" button.

Can I preserve the comments in my CSS code during the minification process?

Absolutely! Our tool lets you keep your valuable comments intact.

How do I copy the minified CSS code to my clipboard? Need that minified code fast?

Click the "Copy" button after the size of your CSS has been reduced.

What does the "Zoom" button do? Want to see the fine details of your minified CSS files?

Click the 'Zoom' button for a wide view inside a modal. It lets you inspect every nook and cranny.

Looking Unminify your CSS? We have got a tool for that too. Check it out!