PX to REM Converter

Convert pixels to REM effortlessly as you type – Try our automatic PX to REM converter now!

To convert pixels to rems, just input the pixel value in the designated "PX" area. The converter will then calculate the corresponding rem value and display it in the "REM" output field.

You can also convert rems to pixels by entering the rem value in the "REM" input field.

What is the REM?

A rem is a unit of measurement based on the font size of the HTML root element. This implies that if you declare the size of your components in rems, they will scale proportionately as the user adjusts the font size.

What is the default font-size for the PX to REM converter?

The PX to REM converter's default text size is 16 pixels. This indicates that one rem equals sixteen pixels. You may adjust the default font-size, though, by providing a different number in the "Font-size" input area.

Is it better to use rem instead of pixels?

Using rems has various advantages. First, since rems are related to the font-size of the HTML root element, they will scale proportionally as the user adjusts their font size. This simplifies developing of responsive designs that look good on all devices. Second, rems are more semantic than other CSS measurement units like pixels. This means they are easier for search engines to interpret, which might boost the SEO of your website.

However, pixels may be a preferable choice in some circumstances, such as when you need to be highly accurate with the size of an element or when dealing with a legacy codebase that utilizes pixels.