PX to EM Converter

Easily convert pixels to em as you type with our automatic PX to EM converter. Give it a try now!

To convert pixels to ems, simply input the pixel value in the designated "PX" area. The converter will then calculate the corresponding em value and display it in the "EM" output field.

You can also convert ems to pixels by entering the em value in the "EM" input field.

What is the EM?

When you use the em unit of measurement for your components' size, they will change proportionally as the user adjusts their device's font size. For example, if the current element's font size is 1.5 times the root font size, the element will be 1.5 times wider than the root font size. So, if the user changes their device's font size, your components will adjust accordingly.

How many pixel equals 1 em?

The amount of pixels equivalent to one "em" is determined by the default font size of the browser. Typically, the default font size is 16 pixels, therefore one "em" is equal to 16 pixels. However, if the default font size is altered, then the number of pixels equivalent to one "em" will also change.

Is it better to use em instead of pixels?

Ems are a better unit of measurement than pixels for specifying font sizes in CSS because they are relative to the font size of the root element. This makes them more responsive, semantic, and accessible than pixels.