Remove HTML Classes, IDs, & Inline CSS – Online Cleaner Tool

Let's be honest - HTML code can get really ugly, really fast. Between endless tags, attributes, classes, IDs, and inline CSS, web content can become a jumbled mess.

But have no fear! Our nifty online tool is here to help declutter your HTML and remove HTML classes, IDs, and data attributes.

Why Our HTML Cleaner Beats the Rest

  • Remove HTML Tags - Click that button and say bye-bye to sloppy, unnecessary HTML tags cramping your style.
  • Strip Away Inline CSS - Keep your styles where they belong - in an external stylesheet. Our tool removes inline CSS with ease.
  • Optimize Web Content - Refined HTML equals better readability, faster performance, and improved SEO. It's a win-win-win!
  • Add Clarity to Your Code - Confusing classes and IDs making a muddy mess? We'll wipe the slate clean so you can code with focus.
  • Using our tool, you can easily identify and remove unnecessary HTML elements, streamlining your code for optimal performance.

Using Our Tool is Crazy Simple

  • Paste - Toss that messy HTML into the text box.
  • Pick Preferences - Want inline CSS gone too? Check the box!
  • Click "Process" - We'll work our magic with one click.
  • Review and Copy - Check out the squeaky clean code, then copy it for your use!

HTML Cleanup Made Easy

Whether you're a coding newbie or a seasoned pro, our online tool will help declutter your web content. Say goodbye to tangled tags and styles and hello to clean, optimized HTML! Give it a whirl today and breathe deep - your code will soon be pristine.